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Training Management Software

Administer training via secure web-based interface, collaboratively work on training materials, order materials for production and fulfillment or let your students order on their own.


  • Distance Learning Colleges and Universities
  • Training companies
  • Corporate training departments
  • Educators who offer customized materials and supplement their lectures with CD / DVD and/or interactive online presentations

What is inside?

Back End (Distance Learning Support Staff and Production Team):

  • Course management
  • Class scheduling
  • Students registration
  • Broadcast e-mail to all or selected students
  • Training materials design collaboration tools: review, uploading and changing document files, binders / kits creation, ordering materials for production and fulfillment
  • Search, retrieve, review and track received, shipped and unshipped orders,
  • Modify order status
  • Review order statistics by various parameters, create financial reports and invoices
Front End (Students):
  • Class registration
  • Materials ordering
  • Order status review, tracking
  • Shipping problem reporting
  • Latest announcements review, technical FAQ
  • Problem reporting, replacement materials ordering
  • Replacement status checking

Delta L Printing Training Management System is offered as a service hosted on our site. You can register for a free 30 days trial to find out if the system is well suited for you. If you decide to use the system, you have two options:

  • Link the system to our on-demand training materials production and distribution service. If you outsource production and distribution of your training materials to us, you can continue using the system free of charge.
  • If you prefer to produce training materials in-house or use another vendor, the following monthly fees apply:
    • up to 5 administrative users - $200.00 per month
    • each additional user - $25.00 per month

Ready to start?
                       Sign up for a free 30-day trial >>


Please, call (814)234-0900 or email info1@deltalprinting.com


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